It's highly recommended to watch the M*CARBO Installation Instructions Videos once before you start the installation, and then watch it again as you're following along doing the installation.

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    About This Item

    • Custom 6061 Aluminum PMR-30 Flat Trigger Upgrade!
    • Competition Ready KEL TEC PMR30 Accessories for Improved Accuracy!
    • Fits & Functions in KEL-TEC PMR-30, CMR-30 and CP33!
    • Pre-Travel and Post-Travel Set Screw Adjustment
    • Precision CNC Machined from Billet Aluminum KEL-TEC PMR30 Flat Trigger
    • Flat Trigger Upgrade provides Clean & Crisp Lighter Trigger Pull Improvement
    • Do you want KEL-TEC to install your M*CARBO parts into your KEL-TEC Firearm?
    • Flat Trigger Design allows shooter to place finger lower on trigger improving leverage and making the trigger pull feel 1/2lb lighter.
    • Tumbled Smooth & Hard Plated with Black or Red Anodizing Options Available!
    • Performance Driven KEL-TEC PMR-30 Aftermarket Parts for Immediate Results!
    • Made in the USA!


    • Custom Designed KEL-TEC PMR-30/CMR-30/CP33 Flat Trigger
    • Two Black Oxide Set Screws (One Short and One Long)
    • One 1.27mm Hex Key

    M*Carbo, Flat Trigger, Black, Fits Keltec PMR-30/CMR-30/CP33 Pistol/Rifle

    • Brand: M*CARBO
    • Product Code: MCC-22229223166666BLK
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    • $63.99 USD